Private Exchange for Brokers


The Benefits world is changing by the day, do you have the tools in place to do so? PBS does!

The value of enabling accounts through the PBS exchange

PBS Marketplace Solution offers a software solution to easily consolidate multiple HR tasks into a simple and intuitive platform allowing you to spend less time on paper work and more time supporting business growth. Big company features … small company price. Our customizable and flexible platform lets you easily manage any size company, large or small. The PBS software solution is not simply a shop and enroll site but a configurable, rules based system built by a third party administer that understands benefits.

All Accounts Are Managed In One Place

Whether you are looking for a fully outsourced benefits solutions or one of our many services, PBS Marketplace delivers the best results for less money:

  • ACA Reporting Compliance
  • Benefit Portal
  • Benefits Administration
  • Benefits Information
  • Call Center
  • COBRA Administration
  • Colidated Billing – one bill for all carrier
  • Communication
  • Consumer-Driven Health (CDH)
  • Dependent Verification
  • Employee Self-Service
  • FSA Administration
  • Fulfillment
  • Premium Reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • Retiree Administration
  • Voluntary Benefits

Employer Plans with Defined Contribution / HOW IT WORKS


Employer & Broker Solutions

Employers appreciate the value of self-service tools they and their employees can access. Administration of their benefit programs are easier when there is a one-stop-shop solution to help them process all of their benefit related questions and an intuitive consumer portal to direct employee questions. Brokers can also set their solution apart from other exchange models by providing a year-round administration tool, versus other exchange models that are simply focused on annual enrollment. The integrated solution creates a stickier product and one the employer is going to want to renew each year.

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A More Fully Integrated End-To-End Experience

One consumer login

We’ve established single-sign on access within our Marketplace providing consumers with the ease of accessing their insurance and account information in one place; no separate URL or login credentials needed.

Integrated enrollments

We’ve already established the integration points to get the account enrollments from the platform

Employee Engagement

Throughout the year, not just during open enrollment, employees have ongoing visibility to the benefit being provided by their employer (the defined contribution) along with the visibility for all expenses, including premiums. In most models out there, the employer contribution is something the employee sees when they initially enroll, but once they select their coverage, they lose this visibility, thus they lose sight of their employer’s financial commitment to them as part of the benefit offering they are being provided.

  • More self-service employee tools to manage accounts ongoing = less work for the employer (and broker)
  • Multi-purse debit card
  • Mobile app

Benefit communication

At the heart of the system is a robust communication engine to help brokers and HR collaborate on the messaging for employee benefits or company perks. Features support:

  • Policy summaries & documents
  • Side-by-side plan comparisons
  • Carrier phone numbers
  • Plan rates, eligibility and contributions
  • Customizable contacts, documents, links and user defined text

Broker Experience

Call our sales team today to learn more about PBS solutions available for your clients 203-208-4806.