PBS HRA Lifestyle and Wellness Spending Account


What is a Lifestyle and Wellness Spending Account (LSA)?

A lifestyle and wellness spending account (LSA) is an employer-funded, post-tax spending account, with eligible expenses and plan details customized by the employer.

An LSA helps to promote healthy habits and overall, well-being for employees.

What are examples of qualified LSA expenses?

  • Physical
    • Athletic + exercise equipment
    • Gym, health club, spa, and fitness studio memberships
    • Fitness classes + lessons
    • Personal trainer, fitness trackers
    • Entry fees (i.e. marathon) + passes (i.e. ski, golf)
  • Financial
    • Student loan reimbursement
    • Home purchase expense reimbursement
    • Financial advisor + planning services
    • Financial seminars + classes
    • Identity theft services
    • Pet insurance premiums
  • Emotional / Other
    • Non-medical counseling services
    • Retreats (i.e. leadership, spiritual)
    • Camping supplies
    • Meditation + personal development classes (i.e. art, cooking)
    • Annual park passes, hunting, and fishing licenses

How can employees access the funds?

HRA funds can be used during the plan year to pay for qualified expenses and services. The PBS Prepaid Benefits Card is a special-purpose MasterCard™ card that lets you swipe to access the funds set aside in your HRA. Your card balance information can be accessed 24/7 through your PBS online consumer portal or our mobile app named “PBS Benny” in the app store.

The PBS benefits card (Benny card) is valid for five years. Please check the expiration date on your card. Funds will be re-loaded every plan year you participate, and new cards will not be sent unless you lose the card or request for additional cards to be sent to your home.

How can PBS help assist?

Our call center is open during PBS’s business hours to help answer any questions you may have! You may also use our automated phone system to check your pre-tax account balance(s) 24/7. PBS also provides employees with an online portal to manage your account through the web and a mobile app “PBS Benny” for on-the-go convenience!

Email: claims.support@pbscard.com
Phone: 1-888-333-3901