Keeping it Simple
(especially when it’s not)

PBS benefits administration has never been easier for brokers, carriers, and employer groups. Enjoy the freedom today!

Benefit Administration

Whether you’re looking for employee communications, benefits enrollment / administration, HRIS functionality or comprehensive outsourcing, our extensive product line of software and services are provided on one fully integrated platform. This means, as your clients’ benefits needs evolve, we can provide the added functionality, configurability, sophistication and services they demand.

The PBS benefits administration software partnership offers a software solution to easily consolidate multiple HR tasks into a simple and intuitive platform that will allow employees to spend less time on paperwork and more time supporting business growth.  Our customizable and flexible platform lets you easily manage any size company, large or small.  The PBS software solution is not simply a shop and enrollment suite but a configurable, rules-based system supported by a third-party administer that understands benefits plans.

Employee Navigator is a comprehensive benefits administration system providing employee, HR, and broker self-service web-based benefits management.  Our goal is to simplify the benefit enrollment process for benefits administrators by:

  • Eliminating paper from the benefit enrollment process
  • Decreasing the start-up fees normally associated with benefit enrollment providers
  • Providing brokers with the tools necessary to manage their clients’ data efficiently
  • Reducing legal, claim, and premium expenses for client companies
  • Decreasing time spent dealing with insurance carriers
  • Preparing employers for alternative funding/defined contribution approaches

PBS Market Solutions is here
for the Employees Year Round


  • Follow all medical, dental, pharmacy, and vision expenses with the integrated CDH accounts
  • Educate about benefits with videos, articles, FAQs, and a call center that is always ready to answer your questions
  • Make enrollment changes due to life events such as marriage, birth, and adoption



Affordable Care Account

As the Affordable Care Act continues to unfold, PBS understands how confusing benefits are getting to be. We have partnered up with the right companies and are every step of the way, starting with an easy and seamless integration with your existing benefits portal along with customer support either on the web or over the phone.

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Benefit Administration = Communication

Effective communication is vital in benefits administration. Our platform facilitates communication at every step:

  1. Human Resources communicates benefits  to employees
  2. Employees communicate benefit package selections to HR
  3. Employee elections are communicated to insurance companies & payroll
  4. HR communicates employment policies to employees to reduce corporate liability

Here’s what PBS does for you…


Portal to communicate benefit options to employees

  • Posts plan summaries & comparisons, links, and documents so employees can make informed decisions
  • Provides cost details for employees based on their unique class

Enrollment engine to capture benefit selections to HR

  • Stores benefit elections made by employees
  • Captures dependent information
  • Ensures life events are processed correctly

Communicated with payroll & insurance carriers

  • Transmits elections to insurance carriers
  • Provides reporting facility for payroll

Communicates employment policies to employees to reduce corporate liability

  • Since the employees must enroll in their health insurance plan, this is the perfect place to maintain compliance for benefits and other HR compliance topics
  • Post HR manual
  • Direct employees to complete new hire documents

Enrollment Made Simple

Brokers and employers have repeatedly asked for a benefits administration software system that works. The PBS-Employee Navigator approach is a benefits administration technology focused on delivering a cost-effective benefits administration system.  We have also learned that it is impossible to have a fast and quality conversion to digital benefit administration; that’s why we take extra time to get it right.

  • Single portal for HR to manage all benefits
  • Self-service access for employees
  • Electronically transmit data to multiple carriers
  • Smartphone application for instant access to benefits information
  • Integration with payroll & HRIS
  • Support broker through data sharing
  • Privacy & Security

HR Portal

The basic services available to HR permit employers to manage all data transmitted to insurance carriers from one single data point.  These base benefits include:

  • Uniform Data: A record is created for each employee with their basic employment data, which is then shared with all insurance carriers
  • Business Rules: The corporate business rules for eligibility are applied to all new and existing employees. A rules‐based system ensures accurate collection of employee data to ensure the transactions are fully completed (for example, PCP selection, beneficiary designation, or opt-out tracking)
  • Reporting: A comprehensive reporting engine is available, which permits the generation of custom reports and access to the various standard system reports to improve HR functionality and speed billing reconciliation.
  • Open Enrollment: The employee or HR can complete the annual open enrollment online for benefits
  • History Tracking:  Complete historical record of all transactions with data/time/user ID stamp for audit and tracking purposes.
  • HR “Wall”:  Social Media Wall allowing HR to set custom notifications and tasks. The Wall maintains a history of all outstanding and completed checklist items, including notes.
  • Employer Training: Employee Navigator completes remote HR training to ensure a thorough understanding of the system. You can also have ongoing training for new HR staff members by your dedicated account analysts when needed.

Broker Access

Brokers have complete access to the portal with a single username and password, allowing brokers to:

  • Support HR
  • Instantly access employee demographic and enrollment information
  • Reduce time spent on claim and eligibility resolution
  • View useful analytics
  • Manage and receive alerts about key client activity
  • Access client reports and census information on demand
  • Become more proactive through improved data access
  • Disseminate information to Employees & HR via our Mobile Application
  • Automatically interfaces to PBS COBRA and FSA Products & the group’s Carriers

Employee Portal

Employee Navigator’s self-service portal is a highly intuitive, easy-to-use interface that requires no training. Our rules-based engine ensures that employees will only see information that is specific to them. Understanding that benefits administrators are the “gatekeepers,” any change made by an employee can be pended for HR approval. The employee portal includes:

  • Onboarding
  • Electronic enrollment for new hire benefits and open season
  • Qualifying event changes
  • Updates to personal profile
  • Access to document library
  • Total Rewards Statement
  • Mobile phone application
  • Employee Alerts