PBS FSA Dependent Care Plan (DCAP)


What are the advantages of the DCAP Program?

Regulated by the IRS, this program lets you pay for eligible dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. In other words, the money you deposit into your DCAP will never be taxed. For every dollar set aside in DCAP you can reduce your childcare expenses by as much as 30%. Your DCAP funds become available as they are deducted from your paycheck and submitted to PBS.

How can I use the funds?

To be reimbursed from your DCA, you must pay for your DCA expenses first, and then submit a claim reimbursement form (along with your expense documentation) to PBS for processing. Claims take 1-2 business days to be processed.

Claim reimbursement forms may be downloaded from the PBS website and can be submitted directly to PBS by mail, fax, or email. Claims can also be submitted directly through your PBS online portal or the PBS mobile app.

Your DCA reimbursements will be sent via check or direct deposit. Your direct deposit information can be added through your consumer portal once enrolled.

How much can you elect to contribute for the DCAP Program?

If you are single or married and filing jointly, the 2023 maximum pre-tax amount you can contribute annually is $5000. If you are married and filing separately, your maximum pre-tax amount will be $2,500.

Please check your employer’s plan document for more information.

Note: You need to re-enroll every plan year — Pursuant to IRS guidelines, you must re-enroll during the annual open enrollment period to participate in the DCA for the upcoming year.

Who are considered qualified dependents?

Child(ren) under age 13 whom you are entitled to claim as dependents on your federal income tax return; and/or

Participant’s spouse or any dependent living in household who is physically and/or mentally incapable of self-care and spends at least eight hours a day in your home

What are considered qualified dependent care expenses?

  • Care at licensed nursery schools, day camps (not overnight camps) and childcare centers which provide day care. *Tax ID for provider required
  • Services from individuals – other than you or your spouse’s dependent or children under age 19 who provide care in or outside your home. *SSN for individual provider required
  • Household services related to the care of your qualified dependent provided by a care provider who is responsible for the care of your qualified dependent.

How can PBS help assist?

Our call center is open during PBS’s business hours to help answer any questions you may have! You may also use our automated phone system to check your pre-tax account balance(s) 24/7. PBS also provides employees with an online portal to manage your account through the web and a mobile app “PBS Benny” for on-the-go convenience!

Email: claims.support@pbscard.com
Phone: 1-888-333-3901

For more information on your plan and plan specifics, please inquire with HR for a copy of your DCA plan document.

For more information on how a DCAP Plan can benefit you, clink on the PBS website link and then choose the For Employee tab.