Private Exchange

The insurance world is changing, and PBS is part of the solution!
As health reform continues to change the way we shop for insurance, businesses are seeking solutions to control benefit costs, engage their workforce, improve productivity and attract top talent. Now you can offer a single benefits platform for your group-eligible employees, part-time staff and 1099 contractors.

Today’s Healthcare is changing?

Health insurance costs are on the rise for every renewal. Employers want to continue to provide quality benefits for their employees, but high costs force employers to make changes in the benefits. The employer is doing what they can but the employees only see what’s going away.

There is now a better way that many businesses like you are discovering – a private exchange model.

What is a private exchange and how does it work?

A private exchange has the potential to change the way businesses shop for benefits! It is an online store, similar to a retail website, where employees can shop around and compare and purchase health insurance and other benefits.

There are 3 types of private exchange formats:

  • Single-Carrier / Insurer Exchange
  • Multi-Carrier / Third Party / Corporate Exchange (Employer sponsored)
  • Hybrid Exchange

What is Health Care Reform?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka “ACA” or “Health Care Reform”) was passed by Congress in 2010 and is being phased in over the next few years. It is expected to reduce the number of people without health insurance by providing people with incentives and options to buy insurance.


Employees want to decide what they need when selecting their benefits for themselves and their family members. The allure of private exchanges and why they are gaining momentum as a new way for employers to control healthcare costs is because they provide competitive benefits to their employees.

This is how PBS has been able to assist with the healthcare movement!

Progressive Benefit Solutions, LLC is the TPA that was created to help brokers navigate their way through these health care times of change! When the partners and products are in place and integrated, the PBS Market Solutions are an online benefits shopping experience changing the way employers and employees buy benefits. It will assist in managing the healthcare costs by setting predictable budgets through a defined
contribution funding strategy while guiding employees to purchase better coverage of health, dental, vision, life, disability and other benefits. Contact Us

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