Simplifying and Streamlining Form 5500 Filing

All Form 5500 Services data and forms are electronically stored for later reference. The documents also include a date and time stamp of the original filing and any subsequent re-filings.

  • Our Innovative solution allows plan sponsors to sign Form 5500 with the click of a button, or can be signed electronically on their behalf.
  • Can pull the plan sponsor’s previous-year annual return from the DOL database, using the client’s EIN, in order to simplify the entry of information, which is particularly useful for single plan filers. Can be pulled in batch (in the case of multiple plans) for quick and easy access.
  • Can upload information for Form 5500 in either .csv and .xml format.
  • Workflow can be tracked for assigned plan administrators, including e-signature status tracking and tracking of submission to and acceptance by the DOL.

Form 5500 Services cover all required Form 5500 Series forms and schedules for employee welfare benefit plans, as follows:

  • Form 5500;
  • Form 5500-SF;
  • Form 5500-EZ;
  • Schedule A – Insurance Information;
  • Schedule C – Service Provider Information;
  • Other welfare benefit plan schedules as required;
  • SAR – Summary Annual Report.

Processing; Filing; Timeframe 

The estimated timeframe from (1) receipt of all information required to complete the Form 5500 to (2) filing of the Form 5500, is five (5) business days.


  1. Company provides the following information for each employee welfare benefit plan:
  • Plan Sponsor’s name;
  • Plan Sponsor’s EIN/TIN.
  1. Download from the DOL database the most recent Form 5500 annual return filing.
  2. Request from Company any additional required information.
  3. Company submits the requested information to PBS.
  4. Prepare the Form 5500, based on the information downloaded from the DOL database and the additional information provided by Company.
  5. Send the completed Form 5500 to the Plan Administrator for review and approval.
  6. Upon review and approval by the Plan Administrator, either the Plan Administrator electronically signs the Form 5500 and forwards it to PBS for filing, or we electronically signs the Form 5500 based on the proper delegation of authority from the Plan Administrator. We then electronically files the Form 5500.
  7. Obtain confirmation of successful filing and provides same to the Plan Administrator.
  8. If the filing is unsuccessful, we consult with Company to correct any defects, and repeats Steps 6-9.

Our Form 5500 Filing Services

At Progressive Benefits Solutions, we offer comprehensive Form 5500 filing services that streamline the entire process, enabling you to meet your filing requirements with ease. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and timely submissions. 

Efficient Electronic Filing

We utilize innovative technology to electronically store all your Form 5500 data and forms, providing you with easy access for future reference. Our system also includes date and time stamps to track original filings and any subsequent re-filings accurately.

Convenient Signature Options

Our user-friendly platform allows you to sign Form 5500 with just a click of a button. Alternatively, we can also assist you in signing electronically on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

Retrieval of Previous Year’s Filings

With your EIN, we can easily retrieve your previous year’s filing from the Department of Labor (DOL) database. This feature ensures consistency and reduces the risk of errors in your current filing.

Expert Consultation

Our team of professionals is here to provide you with expert consultation throughout the entire Form 5500 filing process. Whether you have questions regarding specific fields, the filing deadline, annual reporting requirements, or plan changes, we are here to offer guidance and support.

Benefits of Using Our Form 5500 Filing Services

  1. Compliance Assurance: Our thorough understanding of ERISA regulations ensures that your filing is accurate and compliant.
  1. Time Efficiency: Our streamlined process allows you to file quickly and conveniently, freeing up time for other important tasks.
  1. Error Prevention: With our expertise and advanced technology, we can minimize the risk of errors, reducing the likelihood of penalties.
  1. Peace of Mind: Leave the tedious and complex filing process to us, knowing that your submission is in capable hands.

Ready to Simplify Your Form 5500 Filing Process?

Streamline your Form 5500 filings and manage all your benefits administration challenges effortlessly. At Progressive Benefits Solutions, we offer expert assistance not only with ERISA compliance and annual returns but also across the full spectrum of employee benefits management. Don’t navigate the complexities alone. Contact us today to discover how our comprehensive services can save you time, reduce errors, and ensure peace of mind. 

From retirement plans to health plans and beyond, let us help you handle your benefits administration with precision and confidence.