A Benefit Administration Company

Progressive Benefit Solutions (PBS) is a technology based company that specializes in the administration of:

Benefit Administration, Private Benefit Exchange &

*Pre-tax Benefit Plan Administration

Progressive Benefit Solutions, LLC has been in business since 2004 offering clients as effective and efficient administrative capacity to service employers offering IRS Pre-Tax Programs; specifically, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Dependent Care Accounts (DCA), Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), Health Savings Account (HSA) and Qualified Transportation Account (QTA) administration. Evolution1™ provides over six million employees with a MasterCard™ access to their pre-tax dollars using the Benny Card™, the technology behind the PBS Pre-Paid Benefits Card.

Commencing in 2013, PBS became a re-seller of private exchange technology and benefits management solutions which, when combined with the PBS Evolution1™ system offers a comprehensive solution packaged under the PBS name. The solution offers clients established software and services that streamline HR and benefit administration for the employer with a focus on the employee.

The way we purchase healthcare is changing

From shopping, enrollment and eligibility, to billing, reporting and interfacing with carriers, the solutions offered by PBS provide employers flexible, robust, web-based solutions you can trust. We’ve drawn on our many years in the health care and benefits administration marketplace to select and offer the best benefit enrollment/exchange and pre-tax plan administration platforms in the market.

And, while the PBS solutions are focused on the employee, they fully support the needs of the employer and their consultant/broker. PBS will also provide a white board solution for qualified partner TPA arrangements.

The PBS Solutions Offer:

Proven Technology: The setup and administration of employee benefits administration & private exchanges, as well as Pre-Tax Plan administration are complex operations with many moving parts, It’s a challenge to launch a benefits administration or private exchange solution and get it right.

It makes sense to take advantage of companies that are familiar with this new dimension in the offering of Employee Health Care benefits, and have the core competencies and existing technology to deliver the necessary shopping, enrollment, eligibility and administrative functions. It allows companies to bring an employee benefit administration solution to market more rapidly and at a lower cost than trying to re-invent the wheel internally.

Innovative: In today’s world, Employee Health Insurance Benefits Administration & Private Exchanges are significantly more complex due to the ongoing administrative nature of the service.

Benefit enrollment solutions must manage enrollment and eligibility changes throughout the year in the face of numerous regulatory restrictions. The PBS offerings have the right products with INNOVATIVE solutions and the people to help guide you through the process.

Knowledgeable: With PBSs benefits-knowledgeable team and innovative platforms, PBS is able to provide benefit administrative solutions including defined contribution processing to clients through a simplified plan shopping experience in the face of a complex regulatory environment.

The solutions provide the flexibility to offer an unlimited number of plans across multiple lines, and to update the constantly changing eligibility with any carrier utilizing EDI facilities.